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Welcome to the Alamo Heights Junior School Library: Research Databases & Help

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Why Use Databases?

When conducting academic research, it is important to use scholarly resources.  Our school subscribes to databases to help you with research.  Databases are large collections of information that have been written by people that are considered experts in their fields.  Information contained in databases has been reviewed and edited for accuracy and is frequently updated.  Sometimes the database content has been previously printed in journals, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, or reference books.


Mrs. MacNair's Recommended Civil War Website

Current Events, Newspapers, Magazines

        The Week in Rap:

General Encyclopedias (Usually a good starting point for a concise overview.)

General Resources (All Subjects)


History Databases

World Atlases Here:


Literature Databases & Resources

Opposing Viewpoints (Debate Topics, Research for Persuasive Papers and Speeches)

Science and Health Databases

Music Resources