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Woodridge Elementary Library: Research

Why Use Databases?

When conducting academic research, it is important to use scholarly resources.  Our school subscribes to databases to help you with research.  Databases are large collections of information that have been written by people that are considered experts in their fields.  Information contained in databases has been reviewed and edited for accuracy and is frequently updated.  Sometimes the database content has been previously printed in journals, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, or reference books.

General Resources (All Subjects)


ProQuest Database

Other Open Educational Resources (via Destiny Discover)

Photos & Images

Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Cite your sources!

1st and 2nd grade:

1. What?: Identify the type of source (Book, website, magazine, interview, etc.)

2. Who?: Name of author (if available)

3. What?: Title of book, website, magazine

4. When?: Publish/copyright year (if available)




Sara Louise Kras








3rd-5th grade

Who?, What?, Where?, When?




Author’s last name, Author’s first name. Title of Book. City, Publisher, Copyright date.

Snedden, Robert. Earth’s Shifting Surface. Chicago, Raintree, 2010.



Author’s last name, Author’s first name. “Title of page/article.”  Name of WebsiteDate website/article was published. <website address/URL>. 

"Tsunami." Britannica School. <>. 

Image: (Photograph, painting, etc.)


Artist's last name, Artist's first name. "Title/Name of Image". Image. Name of Website. Date of creation/publication. <website address/URL>.


"Caddo: village". Image. Britannica School. 19 Sep. 2016. <>