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Alamo Heights High School: Jstor

Welcome to your Libguide! This is your one-stop shop for all your library needs.

Why use JSTOR?

JSTOR is the number one requested database by academic librarians; that's a school librarian for a university or college. As a college freshmen, you need to be familiar with JSTOR. If you learn to use it now, your freshmen year will be less stressful, so let's dig into it!

JSTOR is multidisciplinary, so it has something for every content area. There are more than 70 different subjects, such as Aquatic Sciences, Finance and Language & Literature.

You can follow JSTOR on social media:

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As a digital resource, JSTOR contains over 1000 different academic journals with over 2 million articles. Everything you find on JSTOR is guaranteed to be from a credible source, which is something you can't get with Google! You'll also find photographs, editorials, and reviews. 

If you're not sure how to search JSTOR, just ask me. I'm here to help!


How-To Video


JSTOR Database

What is JSTOR? A leading collegiate database for Juniors and Seniors, plus students in AP coursework. You will use this database in college. 

Why should I care? Students who know how to use JSTOR are more successful in transitioning to college-level expectations. You can work through the advanced search tutorial to be a MASTER SEARCHER!

What else should I know? Once you sign-in to the Alamo Heights JSTOR account, you can create your own personalized My JSTOR account. You can curate resources here for any class. It's JSTOR your way!

JSTOR Password


JSTOR Text Analyzer

JSTOR Shakespeare Lab

Search Tips

1. Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase:  "mechanical waves" "history of calculus" "music theory"

2. Use AND, OR, NOT to search grouped terms:  "Albert Einstein" AND "atomic energy"

AND = results contain all words searched

OR = results contain at least one word searched

NOT = results will not contain the specified word 

3. Use parentheses to search inside the parentheses first: Europe AND ("Syria AND refugee") NOT "United States" This search will return articles about the Syrian refugee crisis as it effects Europe only. It will exclude articles about how the United States will be impacted.

Think you'll never use algebra in real life? You just did.

Search Tips = Boolean Algebra.


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